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The debate is over! The new North River High School is now known as Parrish Community High School.

Trident recently partnered with Gilbane Building Company to build a new high school in Parrish, FL. Currently Parrish Community High School is home to 540 9th and 10th grade students for the 2019-2020 year. It is reported that each year after this one, they plan to add an additional grade level until they reach 9th through 12th grades. This high school has an automotive department which will allow students to graduate high school with an industry certification and later earn a competitive salary. Parrish Community High School also added an engineering, agriculture and commercial art department. The progression does not stop there. Manatee County school board members are now currently exploring how they can work together to add a University of South Florida campus to Parrish Community High School as well! Perhaps this will be another job that requires the magnificent work of Trident Building Systems?

Trident used 1,042,272 pounds of steel to complete this job.